Monday, 25 June 2012

I am excited to be posting again after a little blog break...there has been a lot going! My yoga course is brilliant and the last workshops have been so surprising and thought provoking...even life changers. I especially loved the nutrition workshop, which was taken by a lovely and charismatic yogi/health practitioner. There were so many light bulb moments for me in that workshop that I was and still am thinking about all the fantastic analagies, facts and insights that were presented. I have since not looked at food the same...and absolutely for the better!
Quite naturally, things have been unfolding for me with my practice. I have been mixing it up a lot...trying different classes, teachers and styles of yoga. I have met some lovely teachers who have been open, inspiring and encouraging which has REALLY fuelled my desire to teach. 
I  took a major leap recently but responding to a Facebook post calling for covers and teachers at a near by studio. Foe some reason I didn't hesitate to go right ahead and enquire! As a result I taught my first ever Yoga class yesterday!!!!! And wow, was it an experience. Very confronting, new wracking, challenging and completely surreal. I am so glad I took the leap because who knows where it may lead me! I am going to be assisting an amazing teacher in her class next week and I can't wait!!!! I am sooo grateful that i have been given the opportunity to develop and learn.

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