Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Finding balance

Thought I would sit down and reflect for a bit on the Yoga class (my first as an acknowledged Teacher Trainee)...even hearing it said out loud made me feel like I had taken another leap forward..yay! It was really different to come out of my own practice and try to engage myself in a teachers role. I basically, observed, listened and thought about the Asanas in a whole new light.

The one thing that is really standing out to me is that each teacher not only has their own style, language and presence but also there is a real variance in how much guidance/ instruction is given about setting up the pose (alignment, foundation etc.) the metaphysical benefits and the anatomical language that is used.

As a student I feel that I have experienced a broad spectrum of guidance/teaching. So how do I find the right balance?? Does it come naturally after I begin teaching? or, do I need to know what I think is important in practice for the students and begin to develop my own style based on that? I want to educate my students about their bodies so that they become more in tune with their bodies, I want them to walk away feeling that they have more knowledge about their practice and what it is doing for their body, metaphysically etc and importantly that they have had time out to relax, rejuvenate and refocus and connect. hmmmmmmmmmm I have the urge to read, read, read.
maybe the answer??

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