Sunday, 30 September 2012

Week 2 Challenge reflection

With the dawn of a new week, It seems like a good time to sit down and muse over the first 2 weeks of the challenge. The quote and pic portray where I am at at the moment x

Goal growth:  

1. Asanas: Wheel,Headstand and King Pigeon
2. Nutrition: Follow strictly the eating plan provided for the Spring Challenge and monitor effects on mind,yoga practice and body (via journal)
3. Mediaitaion daily, with a focus on moving meditation (classes)

It has not been difficult to come to 5 classes, in fact I have looked forward to getting to the studio and onto the mat and miss it when I don't. Doing the 5 classes (1 Yin included), I have had the pleasure of experiencing different teachers and the amazing things each of them bring to class. As a result, my Asana practice is really unfolding. I have taken the next step with wheel but still need to build more arm strength, I can comfortably do headstand against the wall and work with moving my feet away from the wall, King pigeon...well I think this one is going to be the real challenge for me!

I am love love loving the meal plan!!!! It has changed my way of thinking about the food. I am more conscious of the food I am giving my body and the effect it has on my mind and spirit. I am far more mindful when I am eating and I am noticing a change in my pallete...more sensitive to sugar in food. I am so grateful to have the recipes to try. It is so amazing to shift the focus from avoiding fat to something far more positive....looking after my health and most importantly living Yoga off the mat p.s coffee and wine awe still my friends :)

Meditation has become such a beautiful part of of my day. During the last two weeks I have been able to pay attention to the way yogic breathing helps to focus my asana practice. I have been on some interesting journeys in class and am so grateful to have svasana at the end of each class. I still struggle with thought attachment, however, I am finding that I am finding it easier to surrender to the thoughts and let them float away. Meditation at home has been built on meditation in the moment (day to day tasks) Focusing on the 8 limbs in daily life and I find the best meditation comes in the shower at night. I have been using my blog to reflect on the challenge.

Lessons learnt:
I can be disciplined
Not every class feels good but peels off more layers
all teachers bring something unique and special to class
being in the front row isn't so bad!

tears in class
love and support from family and fellow yogis
how the challenge is giving me clarity and focus
sweat becomes more pure with better eating!
I don't mind coriander for breakfast

This week:
I am going to the beach for a week (YAY) so I will do a class this afternoon and 2 at a recommended yoga studio at the Sunshine Coast "YogaNRG" and come back for Yin on Sunday. Looking forward to yoga and meditation on the beach :))

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