Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I had my second workshop on Sunday gone..it was so interesting and there were more then a few light bulb moments throughout the day. The focus of the day was Metaphysics, which basically, explains how the body reflects what is going on at a deeper level inside the mind, psyche or soul. As we moved through the body parts and explored how each body parts manifestation it was like a fog was lifting. For me all of the previous study I had done with Psychology and counselling connected to these new learning alike a spiders web . So simple, so straight forward and so fundamental.

There were some beautiful insights shared by others in the class which I captured in my notebook...so wonderful to hear from people with different backgrounds. And as challenging as it was, I was able to teach a couple of Asanas! very strange to hear the words coming out of my mouth...yes I was nervous but  I also felt like it helped me immensely to start thinking of myself as a teacher and to use the language and look at alignment etc. All in all a wonderful day.

I was chatting to a beautiful teacher after class the other day about breathing into the pose and she said that the she embodies the word surrender when she exhales deeper into a pose. I think this is such a powerful word and visually takes me there straight away. I have noticed myself suing this word a couple of times since then...something resonating with me. It was so encouraging and inspiring to talk to this teacher...I am glad I did.

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