Monday, 16 April 2012

Finding a happy place

The last two Classes I have been to have really allowed me to focus on my breathing. I have come to realise using my breath is what helps me to maintain focus, move peacefully through the postures and push myself to my edge by breathing into the sensations. I am so enjoying my practice and using mediation daily has started to become a lovely personal space for me and a real compliment to the Asanas. I still struggle to fully still my mind in meditation but hope that this will improve with time. I have been using mini Mantras at the start of the day to set myself up for the day. Today as I walked the kids up to school it was "I am calm, confident and centred".I am keen to read more about the metaphysical aspects of Yoga and a little deeper into the history of Yoga.

 On another note, I watched a Vinyasa flow sequence done on the beach today and was really inspired. How beautiful to do Yoga to the sounds of the ocean.

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